All comments to are welcome and appreciated, though only a few are posted below.

Australian Radio requested listeners to ring in and submit the most boring
websites. Yours was listed as one...I found it fascinating...but you made
it to the top ten in the evening show’s quest for the most boring website
which runs as a tongue in cheek segment. All the way from USA to Aussies
top ten. Congratulations — You have put a smile on many faces.

Melbourne, Australia

Found your site during some sort of Google search involving Rhinelander — wasted many good working hours reading the PIWS.

If I have some time I’ll design a graphic for possibly the worst injury I ever suffered. I believe I was approximately 5 or so, and late for bedtime — those pajamas with the built-in feet and the zipper that runs straight from your ankle to your neck? Well, said zipper got caught approximately halfway up — tangled in the important protrusion that one finds in the groin region.

Permanent physical and psychological damage.


Not strictly an injury ... but after a week of non-stop rain I’ve been needing these posted on sidewalks all around town ...

New York, NY
October 15, 2005

Love the site. I’m an artist that recently (2002) suffered the weirdest injury I’ve ever heard of: testicular electrocution. It’s a long story, but rest assured everything is intact & functional.

I swear its a true story.

Name withheld
New Bedford, Massachusetts
January 25, 2004

Ouch ... although that would certainly make for an interesting PIWS graphic, I hope I never have the excuse to design one.     -JC

I think you site is great. I can't really think of very many unusual injuries that I've had except for one earlier this year. I was attempting to ride my 6 year-old son's razor scooter and while trying to show-off to my wife, I fell. Well, having the catlike reflexes of superhuman proportions, I grabbed a nearby railing to catch my fall. However, the only thing I accomplished was finding an erstwhile undiscovered hinge in my left arm just above my elbow. It actually didn't belong there but it created a quite dramatic flopping motion when I tried to move my arm. It turned out to be a spiral fracture which broke my humerus into no less than 5 pieces. The repair of such required the surgical implant of a metal plate along with 11 screws. Now, I have a really cool scar on the backside of my left arm and, fortunately, I don't set-off metal detectors at airports (but if they new it was there, they would probably want me to take it out before boarding the plane).

Thanks again for your fun site.

Name withheld
Little Elm, Texas
October 3, 2002

Went clamming this weekend in South Hampton for the first time and got this weird shoulders-only sunburn. I feel like a red lighted pole. I have included a PIWS for your review. I had put suntan lotion on my head thinking that I would wear a shirt, but it was so beautiful in the Cold Spring Pond that I went topless. For all my pain, I only found ten to twelve clams for the two hours I was there. Ate them raw.

Racine Romaguera
New York City
August 27, 2002

hi. loved the personal injuries. looked painful. i made one myself.

It was a long time ago, when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Anyway, I was waiting for my mom to get ready for work so she could take me to a sitter for a while. Meanwhile, I was outside with a golf ball and was trying to bounce it as hard as I could, when my chin got in it's way. Direct hit! It stung a little and some blood and I went inside and complained to my mom about my chin. By then it was gushing! She saw the blood and took me to the hospital.

I had to get seven stitches, and it stung a little, but days later, they were removed (and I was taken out of school for it too : )).

All in all, there was virtually no pain and there is still a scar on my lower-underside chin! When golf balls strike...sheesh...

Another time someone body slammed me and it dislocated my shoulder. I couldnt move my arm afterward, if i could i would have punched the kid in the face (i really could've my hand was in a fist and even pointing toward his face, but i couldnt move my damn arm!)

Name withheld
May 21, 2002

I enjoyed your site and your "signs" are very creative. I was trying to picture our world if we really did have warning signs for every single thing that can happen that can cause physical pain and mental anguish-what a sight that would be-perhaps no one would get hurt because there wouldn't be time after reading all the caution signs! I do feel sorry that so much has happened to you, but thanks for showing us how we can use humor in dealing with Life!!!

Name withheld
Hopkins, Minnesota
February 26, 2002

I can't say your Personal Injury List was hilarious, but it was indeed funny. Really I only wrote to say that the person who wrote to tell you to grow up is ignorant... probably a woman, because she liked the broken heart thing but still thinks of you as immature. Women think love is a sign of maturity. Although to be fair, if it was a guy, he's still a loser. Nice piece, well crafted.

Name withheld
February 9, 2002

Thanks for the autobiography and anecdotes. I really enjoyed the stories and the creative use of non-verbal symbols. As a high school science teacher I use and talk about the idea of hazards and signs on a daily basis. I hope you won't mind if I use your designs during lessons or give out the address in class. Thanks again. (I also read about you in The Guardian's Editor).

Name withheld
November 18, 2001

You may or may not know that your site was recommended in "The Editor", a supplement with the Saturday edition of The Guardian Newspaper, here in the UK - and that is how I found it.

I am hoping to blossom into a successful young (and then old) designer someday. I'm not quite sure what I want to design yet, but I'll find out soon enough. I like your site, it's nice to look at - and the PIWS are, well, nice too.

I thought I'd just say "guess what", I too have a small mark from where a pencil lead was lodged in the palm of my left hand, in the 6th year of my life. It is on one of the creases (probably the life or love line which means I'll die soon or never love anyone, who knows (well someone but not me)). Just thought I'd let you know. I won't explain how it got there, it's too daft.


November 17, 2001

This is the greatest site I have seen in a while. It really reminds me of myself because I am a total klutz. One time I was tipsy at a friend's house. I went to open the back door to her porch and step outside. Little did I notice that someone had moved a skateboard in front of the door. Needless to say, I kept my balance for about three seconds and then was thrown from the skateboard like a piece of schrapnel. No permanent damage was done except to my pride.

November 16, 2001

Your piece about your "personal injury warning system" seems pretty much like the ramblings of a "privileged young man." Kayaking injuries? You've got to be kidding me! Grow up! Although the piece looks really nice, the only injury I was interested was your broken heart. Typical graphic designer BS. Just like the World Trade "13 days" site you skirted the heart and soul of the interesting issues.

Name withheld
November 15, 2001

“Grow up?” Yes, that’s the whole point of the project: changing from a little lump that can roll off of a couch to a thinking person that can have his heart broken. I’m sorry if you don’t approve of my injuries—next vacation I’ll be sure to check with you first so you can confirm that my itinerary is sufficiently non-privileged.     -JC I wanted to tell you that I absolutely *LOVE* your personal injury list. I think that is one of the more clever things that I've seen on the web. I have a personal site of my own, I wanted you to know that I linked to your site, but put a personal injury parody of my own on my weblog. It was an incident with my ex-boyfriend and a jewelry box. I hope you don't mind. Of course, if you do, I will have no problem removing the graphic.

Thanks for the laughter!

November 14, 2001

I don't think I've ever said this to anyone before, but I had a good laugh reading about your history of personal injuries.

You're probably busy, so I won't keep you, but I though I should drop you a line and say thanks for the pick-me-up. It was a busy day at work. I needed it.

Jen from Canada
October 23, 2001

Someone posted your 13pt site on the IAB design list, and I really liked your Personal Injury Warning System. I just had to do one for myself!

So, here it is, The Danger of Presenting Poorly Hinted Type to Roger Black (attached). Thanks for the help, and the inspiration.

Name withheld
May 7, 1999

I have some concerns, e.g. the size of the couch you fell off, but otherwise, oh, and the number of accidents you had in Rhinelander, might make people think Wisconsin's a dangerous place ... but otherwise it's a great autobiographical vehicle, might even evolve to a genre if you make the pi flexible enough for users to customize it to their own disasters. David
West Tisbury, Massachusetts
August 3, 1998