Injury illustration


New York City. Woke up to sirens, and the sirens have not stopped today.

I live about fourteen blocks north of the World Trade Center, and was outside on the street by 8:50 am. The streets were crowded with people, some just standing and staring, some holding each other and crying, others streaming north looking for working pay phones.

I stood on Lispenard Street for a while and looked at the burning towers. Even at that distance I could see two people jump and fall flailing from the north tower. Nearby a construction worker gestured wildly as he recounted seeing the impact of the first hijacked plane.

I'd been up to the top of the south tower only eight days before, on Labor Day. It's incredible to think that none of that exists any more.

The event caused devastating damage to the city and the nation.

For more, please see my photos from the line of evacuation.